• The Bodhi

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This essential oil diffuser bracelet by Arbuckle Blends & Gems is handmade with lava stone, silver plated spacer beads, and a howlite semi-precious gemstone. 

Lava Stone: A healing gem known for its grounding qualities, wonderful for calming emotions. Lava stones come from raw energy, it's considered to be a stone of rebirth.

Howlite: Helps to calm an overactive mind, boosts motivation and ambition, increases awareness of ones goals and ambitions-helping the wearer achieve them.

How to use diffuser jewelry:

Take your diffuser bracelet, and your favorite Elk River Soap Company Essential Oil. We recommend using a q-tip or cotton ball,(You may use your finger tip, however pure essential oils without a carrier oil is not recommend and could cause irritation for the skin. If you choose do to so, wash hands immediately after.) dip into your essential oil and rub on the lava stone beads. The beads are porous and waxed, the essential oils will sit in the natural grooves of the beads. Lava stone beads are made from volcanic rock, therefore each bead will be unique, some will have more grooves and holes than others. Wait a few seconds to let the oil dry onto the beads before putting your bracelet on. Please note that some oil last longer than other. There's also no need to wash your bracelet if you want to switch essential oils, you simply just place a new oil onto your bracelet. You can also blend your essential oils and apply more than one at a time. 

Approximately  7 Inches will fit most teen/adult men and women's wrist sizes.

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The Bodhi

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